Begin Your Year with a New Home Warranty

We enter the first of the year with good intentions. We promise ourselves that this year will be the year that we become more financially savvy, spend more time with family, or become more responsible as homeowners. Let Gembecki Mechanical Services help you make your New Year’s resolutions a plan of action with a home warranty. 

What Is a Home Warranty?

First, we should explain what a home warranty is not. It is not homeowner’s insurance and does not constitute an acceptable replacement for it, either. While insurance covers repair and replacement for the loss of personal property or structural damage to the home caused by catastrophic events like storms, crime, fires, etc., a home warranty covers maintenance and repair for specific components of the home. Similar to most insurance plans, coverage varies depending on the home warranty package that you choose.

Do I Need a Home Warranty? 

Home warranties are designed to help offset the ever-rising costs of appliance repair and replacement. They are especially useful for first-time homeowners who may be less adept at predicting or addressing appliance malfunctions. They’re also useful for replacing older appliances.

A home warranty can be purchased for any home, regardless of its age or the length of time that you have owned it. They are a particularly useful option for anyone looking to take more control of the investment they have made in their home by insuring that it is well-maintained.

Let Gembecki Handle Your AC and Heating Repair Needs

The bottom line is that if you want to be better about properly managing your budget and home in 2015, a home warranty is a great place to start. If you are considering a new home warranty, contact us. Gembecki Mechanical Services has proudly served the Orlando, Florida, area for more than 20 years. We specialize in heating and air conditioning repair as well as new unit installation, and we understand the ins and outs of home warranties. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction so you can choose the best home warranty company for your personal needs. Gembecki is familiar with the guidelines set forth for home warranties as service providers as well, so choose us for your AC repair and installation!

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