Commercial Refrigeration Energy-Saving and Maintenance Tips

Every business owner who has his or her mind set on success knows the importance of applying an energy-saving approach to every aspect of the company, including his or her building’s HVAC system. Commercial Orlando air conditioning components are put under much more stress than residential ones. Greater cooling demands put excess strain on already overworked devices, thus necessitating proper maintenance at all times of the year to keep them running efficiently. 

AC Maintenance Means More Money in Your Pocket

The money a homeowner saves by changing an air filter and having routine inspections performed on their furnace and AC unit is a fraction of what business owners can expect when hiring a professional contractor like Gembecki Mechanical Services.

In addition to the upfront benefits that can be achieved by having maintenance service performed, the long-term advantages are nothing short of critical. Commercial HVAC systems are far from cheap, so it is in a company’s best interest to keep them running as long as possible.

Over time, your AC system’s condenser coils can become clogged with grease. If not cleaned regularly, this buildup of muck and grime will ultimately keep the condenser from running as it should. Grease is notorious for trapping heat, too. The last thing you want on a hot summer day is a commercial condenser breaking on account of overheating!

Likewise, all door gaskets should be inspected to make sure the seals are intact. Air leaks not only force the condenser into overdrive mode, but they also can ruin food and other items that require storage in a climate-controlled environment. Grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses in the food service industry simply cannot afford for something as minor as a door gasket to ruin their inventory.

Along with the gasket seals, refrigerator doors should always be double-checked to ensure they always close fully when not in use. Lastly, any and all ice machines need to be serviced on a biannual basis. This is one of the services that Gembecki Mechanical Services offers to commercial customers, and it markedly improves system efficiency. Summer may be nearing its end, but the temperatures outside are still sweltering. Keep your business and its refrigeration equipment in check!

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