Ensuring High Air Quality During Your Home Remodel

If you are planning on renovating your house, be prepared to get down and dirty. All of those amazing designer bathrooms, kitchens and master bedrooms you have seen were once a pile or rubble and debris.

Of course, the goal is to minimize the amount of clutter that accumulates both for the sake of aesthetics and for safety, namely the hindered air quality that often occurs when these types of jobs are performed. 

Breathe Easy During Your Remodel

To keep your family’s health intact and prevent any potential accidents, there are a number of steps you should take before busting out the hammer and nails. Everything from hazardous chemicals to gas fumes to mold spores are extremely dangerous when inhaled, so remember to always wear the proper safety gear and avoid making hasty decisions during the remodeling process.

The best way to maintain optimal air quality levels in your home during a renovation is to reduce the amount of humidity. Adequate ventilation is key for keeping the inside of the house dry, which in turn prevents the property from being a safe haven for mold and mildew. This is particularly true for those of us living in the South. As a leading Orlando air conditioning company, Gembecki has seen the damage that black mold can have on unsuspecting homeowners.

As well, ensuring your central Florida air conditioning system is ventilating properly is very important. Faulty exhaust fans can wreak havoc the moment gas-powered equipment is used. To put it bluntly, trapped carbon monoxide fumes (a by-product of these devices) are fatal and should be kept far away from a home’s occupants.

To further ensure humidity levels do not dip even after your remodeling project is complete, we strongly recommend installing a dehumidifier, preferably one that connects directly to your Orlando air conditioning system. These models offer the additional benefit of promoting airflow, which means there will always be a clean supply of healthy oxygen circulating in your home.

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