How Commercial HVAC Systems Can Save Businesses Money

saving money in a bankCommercial air conditioning systems are sizeable investments. Florida companies that choose their commercial air conditioning systems wisely and keep them well maintained, though, can actually save money over time. Here are some ways companies in Orlando are saving both energy and money with their commercial air conditioning.

Changing Filters Reduces Energy Usage by 5 to 10 Percent

Changing an air conditioning system’s filters is the easiest way to keep it running efficiently, and it’s extremely easy to change a system’s filters. Changing the filters in a commercial air conditioning system often provides a 5 to 10 percent savings in energy.

Having Regular Maintenance Performed Reduces Repair Costs by 40 Percent

As is the case with most equipment and machinery, having routine maintenance done on a commercial air conditioning system can help prevent costly repairs. A study conducted by Pacific Gas and Electric Company found that doing just routine maintenance reduced the total maintenance and repair costs of commercial air conditioning systems by up to 40 percent.

At Gembecki Mechanical Services, Inc., we offer several service and maintenance programs for commercial air conditioning in Orlando. We’d be happy to work with you to come up with a plan that works for your company and will keep its air conditioning system running well for a long time.

Upgrading to Programmable Thermostats Provides Significant Savings

A surprising number of commercial buildings in Florida still don’t have programmable thermostats. Even those that do, often have first- or second-generation models. These older generations aren’t as advanced as the thermostats that are available today.

Many companies save hundreds, even thousands of dollars annually by upgrading their thermostats to the latest programmable models. The exact amount your company could potentially save will depend on the size of its building and age of its thermostat. If you have an older thermostat and big building, a newer thermostat could pay for itself in just a few months — or even weeks.

Invest in Your Company’s Commercial Air Conditioning

For businesses, commercial air conditioning is a necessary investment. When companies may wise decisions about their systems, the investment pays dividends for years to come in the form of energy savings and lower repair costs. If it’s been a while since you considered your company’s air conditioning system, perhaps it’s time to start looking for ways it could save your company money. Contact us today to see how our maintenance plans could ultimately help save your company money.

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