How Does the Salt Air Affect Your HVAC System?

Art Summer vacation ocean beachWe’ve all seen what Florida’s salty air can do to vehicles and metal objects, but does it impact your air conditioning unit? Yes! If you don’t take precautions, many Orlando air conditioning companies are seeing that the expensive new unit that’s expected to last 15 years may only last a third of that. Why does this happen and which systems can it impact? How do you get a longer lifespan out of your Orlando HVAC system? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

3 Ways to Extend the Expected Lifespan of Your Unit

Our first tip involves doing some research on which unit you purchase. Carrier’s Infinity series is specifically built to resist corrosion from salt. No matter what HVAC unit you go with, make sure you take a solid look at the warranty. Many units have a specific warranty for homes on the coast that have different information and coverage based on that location and potential salt damage.

The second tip is to have your outdoor unit in an outdoor location that is on the opposite side of the water and the winds that come off of it. Why? Because having your home as a natural barrier helps prevent the extremely salty air and water spray directly off the water from reaching your HVAC unit. But don’t stop there – make sure the unit is also out from under cover instead of in an enclosure or under a porch. This is because rainwater can then reach the unit to rinse it off regularly with no further effort from you, rinsing away the corrosive salt.

Our final tip is in a similar vein. Even with Florida’s rainy climate, you’ll still want to hose off your HVAC unit using a garden hose a couple times a year, to rinse off the salt the rain can’t reach. Before you start, turn off your thermostat or it will kick in the system because the cold water will confuse the unit and kick in the heating system. Keep your bi-annual rinse off as a reminder to make your semi-annual maintenance appointment too.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make your air conditioner last much longer despite the salty air. If you need help finding the right air conditioner for your needs, not all Orlando air conditioning companies are the same. You’ll want to work with a service company that has a great reputation. Contact us today and learn the difference Gembecki can make in your home’s comfort.

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