How to Get the Most Out of Your AC Unit in the Summer Heat

summer ac hvac gembecki orlandoWhen it’s hot outside, how do you keep your Orlando air conditioning system operating at peak performance? How do you do it without paying astronomical utility bills? Here are some ways to up your comfort while improving system efficiency.

  1. Get a tune up. AC repair is critical for your Orlando HVAC system. It needs regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance by an HVAC technician, preferably prior to the summer months.
  2. Replace your air filter. It’s an easy task, but it’s often ignored and can wreak serious havoc on your system and comfort. Check it at least once a month and change it as needed.
  3. Use the shade. If you keep your AC unit in the shade, it can run more efficiently. It still needs access to good airflow, but shaded air is cooler and allows your system to more effectively transfer heat out of the system.
  4. Watch your thermostat location. If it’s near a lamp, TV or other appliance that produces heat or in a location where the sun can shine on it, it will run the air conditioner longer than needed to compensate.
  5. Turn up the heat. Every degree you lower your thermostat below 78ºF increases energy consumption by 8%. That means for every $100 on your electric bill, you’ll have another $8 charge for every degree below that point.
  6. Get smart (or programmable). If you use a mechanical thermostat, it’s past time to upgrade to a programmable or a smart thermostat which only cools your home while you’re there and when it’s needed most.
  7. Look at an update. Your older air conditioner may have been energy efficient when you bought it, but newer models are even more so. With tax credits, utility refunds and competitive prices, there’s no reason to avoid changing out your system.
  8. Weatherize. Seal air leaks using weather stripping and caulking, and make sure you have sufficient insulation around your AC ducts.
  9. Avoid the heat island. Too much paving or rock landscaping can absorb heat and radiate it later, making your home warmer. Consider adding shade trees to the south and west sides of your home.
  10. Reverse your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans run in two directions, clockwise in the winter to move warm air to the floor and counterclockwise in the summer to blow air on your skin to cool you. Remember that the cooling effect won’t happen when you’re not at home, so don’t forget to shut them off, either.

By keeping these tips in mind, your Florida home will be much more comfortable. If you need help with these steps, please feel free to contact the professionals at Gembecki today.

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