How to Keep Your Ventilation System from Clogging

Man cleaning dryer vent in home.Obstructions in a heating and cooling system’s air vents reduce the system’s ability to efficiently heat and cool. Obstructions minimize the flow of air through vents, thus making it harder for systems to push warm or cool air through the vents and to rooms. While obstructions can usually be removed by HVAC technicians, it’s preferable to keep vents from becoming obstructed in the first place. Here are ways you can help keep your Florida home’s heating and cooling vents from becoming obstructed, so you don’t have to have an Orlando HVAC service provider clear them out.

Check and Replace the Air Filter

Every heating and air conditioning system have an air filter. The filter traps dust so that it doesn’t enter vents, where it can collect and eventually create an obstruction. A filter is only effective, however, if it’s at least relatively clean. Over time, dust that’s trapped by a filter will build up and make the filter less effective. If a filter is never replaced, so much dust can build up on it that the filter itself becomes an obstruction.

Check your system’s filter at the start of the cooling and the beginning of the heating season. If it looks dusty, replace the filter with a new one. If you don’t know where your system’s filter is, ask the technician to show you the next time you have an Orlando air conditioning company tune up your system.

Know Where the Dampers Are

Every system also has dampers, which control the air that enters into the system. They can be open or closed. When they’re closed, they stop air from entering vents and reduce the overall airflow through a system.

Dampers are usually left open, but once in while there either accidentally or intentionally closed. If it seems like the air in a vent might be restricted, the vent’s damper might have to be closed. It’s easy to open them, but you need to know where they’re located on your system. Again, a technician can show you where the dampers are when the technician comes to service your system. Once you know where the dampers are, you’ll be able to make sure they’re open before calling an Orlando AC service provider for an obstruction.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form if you ever have an obstruction in your heating and cooling system. We can send a technician to you to help troubleshoot any decrease in airflow and efficiency.

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