Purchase Your New HVAC System with Confidence: A Step-by-Step Buyers Guide

Buying a new Orlando air conditioning system is no small investment. These devices can easily cost a few thousand dollars, and there are many factors to take into consideration before making such a commitment. Most homeowners have no clue how to proceed with the purchasing process, much less what their needs are or what kind of heating and cooling system is best suited for their property.

Thankfully, our trusted Orlando HVAC contractors have decided to put your worries to rest. We have compiled a brief guide that touches on the major points of interest you need to address. In fact, you may not even need to upgrade, and this is a big mistake many homeowners make every year. Being ill-informed is a precursor to wasted money that could be better used elsewhere, so stay on top of your HVAC game and know exactly what you should do before picking up the phone.

What To Do Before You Upgrade

To determine whether you need a new system, note how often your existing AC unit has been recently serviced. Frequent repairs are a sure sign that the device is on its last leg and that upgrading will be the more cost-effective solution as opposed to keeping the old one around any longer.

Even if it is mechanically sound, given the energy-efficient technology that all new heating and cooling devices come with, you may be robbing yourself of substantial utility bill savings by not upgrading. Existing systems that are a decade or older should be swapped out for this reason alone. Remember, you should always assess the long-term advantages and disadvantages of the purchase in question, and here it is simple to see which decision is the right one to make.

Instead of attempting to analyze your home’s heating and cooling needs on your own, make the process easier by hiring a local Orlando HVAC contractor to do this. At Gembecki, we give our customers a detailed breakdown of system types, efficiency ratings, size needs, load demands and accurate pricing for the available options. Our technicians will know right away whether a straight cool or heat pump system is the ideal choice for your family’s needs. You can rest assured knowing you made a sound investment!

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