Should You Add an Air Conditioning Zoning System to Your Home?

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When you want to save money on your HVAC utility costs, one popular option is adding zoning to your system. An air conditioning zoning system essentially divides your structure into different sections allowing them to be heated or cooled to different temperatures. They’re becoming common in larger homes, homes that have multiple stories, structures with occupants that have different needs and structures that have high energy costs. But how do you decide if you need an HVAC service company to install zoning in your home? Here are some things to consider:

Does Your Home Need an Air Conditioning Zoning System?

Before deciding on a zoned system, here are some things to consider before calling for AC repair Orlando:

  • Does your structure have hot and cold areas that are not due to a failure in the HVAC system?
  • Does it have multiple stories, vaulted ceilings or a loft?
  • Are there rooms that have extensive amounts of windows that cause heat gain?
  • Are there areas which are frequently left unused?
  • Do some of your structure’s occupants have different temperature needs?

If you’ve answered yes to some of these questions, it’s worth having an AC repair company investigate what would be involved in getting a multi-zone option added to your system.

What Happens When You Add Zoning to Your Home’s HVAC System?

Installation of your zoning system is fairly straightforward. It can be added to a new installation or retrofit to your existing one. A zoning system essentially splits the output from your existing system, so instead of having multiple HVAC systems feeding each zone, a single unit feeds all zones. How does it accomplish this? The zoning system uses dampeners to control the flow of air to each zone. When one zone is set at 75 and the other at 65, more air would flow to the 65 zone than the 75 during the summer. Because you’re using the same system and reducing the amount of cooling or heating in one zone, you’re saving money by running your HVAC unit less frequently. Structures with multi-zone systems often see up to a 30 percent decrease in their utility bills.

Adding an HVAC zoning system to your home or business will help save you money, keep you from heating or cooling unused areas of the structure and helps win the thermostat war. If you need to have AC repair, Orlando residents often turn to Gembecki Mechanical Services for exceptional quality service. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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