What to Do With Your AC While On Vacation

Setting the room temperature

When you’re taking a much-needed vacation, there’s one area that almost always causes confusion, which is whether to leave your air conditioning system running normally, at a different setting or off entirely. Here’s a quick look at each option and what works best for your Orlando HVAC system.

How Should You Set Your AC for Vacation?

Business as Usual

It’s true that when you’re out of the home for work or appointments during the day, having a programmable or smart thermostat turn the temperature up makes sense because your AC isn’t running when you aren’t there. But if you leave that setting, your HVAC system is still ramping up every night to cool your home to the temperatures you prefer when you’re in residence. That makes this a less than ideal option for your vacation time and a not so green way to go about your travel.

Take It up a Notch

A far better bet is to simply turn up your thermostat for the time you’ll be gone. If you’ve got a smart thermostat, you can often access your home’s HVAC system remotely, allowing you to adjust the temperature back to a more comfortable level before you get home. If your programmable system lets you set it up far enough out, you can program it to do the same. Otherwise, when you get home, just turn it down to the normal temperature and you’ll be enjoying your comfortable home again in no time.

Flip the Switch

Some people shut down their HVAC system entirely while they’re on vacation, which makes sense in some parts of the country. In Florida’s humid, hot summers, we don’t recommend taking that extreme route. Many household chemicals must be stored within a particular temperature range, as are many prescription and over-the-counter medications. Excessive heat can actually damage the compounds in medications, cleaners and any number of other household items. What’s more, your HVAC system maintains our home’s humidity level. Turning it off means your home becomes more humid,less comfortable and susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Flipping the switch in a hot, humid Florida summer is a bad idea.

Whether you’re not sure which route to take or need to have repairs, service, upgrades or replacements made on your HVAC system, professional help is just a short call away. When looking for residential or commercial air conditioning Orlando residents prefer Gembecki’s high level of service and quality of care. Discover the different the right service company can make and contact us today.

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