Why You Should Be Part of Our Comfort Club Program

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At Gembecki, we’ve offered a lot of information on our blog to help you keep your system working at peak efficiency and your home as comfortable as possible. But lately, we’ve had some questions about one of our newer offerings: the Comfort Club Program. Here are some details about the benefits of this Orlando HVAC service that saves you time and money:

The Comfort Club Program: Keeping Your HVAC System Working Effectively

So what is the Comfort Club exactly? It’s our preventative maintenance program that helps keep your system running efficiently. HVAC systems require a certain amount of maintenance and care to operate effectively. But it can be difficult for a homeowner to find the time to see to this maintenance on a regular schedule. Unfortunately, some of the most common problems we encounter could have been prevented if the HVAC system had been properly maintained.

Clogged filters allow dust and allergens into your home and put stress on your blower motor. Clogged drain lines make your heat exchange system freeze up, making it run ineffectively. Small repairs are ignored and lead to larger, much more expensive problems down the road. By maintaining your system properly, you’re protecting an expensive investment in your home that is vital to its comfort.

But beyond providing routine maintenance, the Comfort Club Program gives you additional benefits. When you need repairs done on your system, which is common when it begins to age, we don’t think our regular customers should have to pay as much. For that reason, we give our loyal Comfort Club Program members a 10% discount on additional parts and labor when your system does need repair.

If you’ve ever needed to call for service or repairs during a hot, humid Florida day, you know how hard it is to get a quick response. Phone lines are busy, schedules are full – but not for Gembecki’s Comfort Club Program members. Our members receive preferred scheduling, making it much easier to get service when it’s hot out and you need help now.

As you can see, the Comfort Club Program helps keep your HVAC system working as efficiently and effectively as possible while allowing you to enjoy your free time. If you’d like more information about what the Comfort Club has to offer or for details on residential and commercial HVAC Orlando homeowners and business owners use for the best quality service, please feel free to contact us today. At Gembecki, your home’s climate control comfort is our primary concern.

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