How To Save Air Conditioning Cost

saving moneyFlorida isknown for its beautiful weather. While those warm temperatures are pleasant, it can lead to high electric bills as you run your air conditioner nearly year round just to stay comfortable. However, if you are proactive, it is possible to stay cool AND save money.

Here Are Some Tips to Help

Use Shade to Your Benefit – Think about planting trees or bushes near your home to protect the entire house. Additionally, you can utilize sun-blocking curtains or shades to drop the temperature in a home or office dramatically. This is one investment that will usually pay off quickly.
Consider a Timer – Are you running the air conditioner when it is not needed? Using a timer or a wireless on-off switch could save you a bundle. Today’s smart devices allow you to program from afar, so if your plans change you can have the home or office cooled off before you will arrive.
Change Your Filter – Changing your filter regularly and taking care of other routine maintenance can lead to lower electric bills. If you struggle to do it yourself, an Orlando-based air conditioning provider may be able to provide regular services for you—saving you time and money.
Use Fans – Utilizing ceiling fans, room fans, and other devices can get the air moving and help you feel cooler even when the air isn’t blowing. You may find that on days when the temperature isn’t too stifling that you can get by without turning on the air conditioning at all.
Consider Replacing Your HVAC System – If you are running a timeworn system, you might be spending significantly more than you need to on energy costs each month. Discuss the savings of switching to a more energy-efficient system with Gembecki, an HVAC expert, and we’ll find out how much you could save.

Let Us Help You

Saving money while you use your air conditioner is a priority for homeowners and business owners too. If you would like more information about residential or commercial air conditioning Orlando trusts Gembecki. Call or contact Gembecki Mechanical Services today, and we will be glad to work with you and help you get your system working efficiently and effectively.

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